Cats Love Sweet Oats How to grow cat oats, Step By Step

Cat Oats

Cat oats are great if you have a cat. It is a natural fur ball preventative and cats really love them. First you need to head over to Standard Feed and pick up one or more package of oats for cats.

Cat Oats
Cat Oats

Additional items that you need are some potting soil, and a pot for planting. Once you have all these items,  fill your plating planting pot with potting soil and water the soil generously.

Cat Oats Step 1
Fill planter with potting soil and water.

Now you are ready to plant the seeds. Open the package and cover the top of the planter with a layer of the seeds. Then tamp the seeds down into the soil gently.

Cat Oats Step 2
Apply layer of cat oat seeds

Now it’s time for nature to do it’s work. Place the planter in a location that get’s plenty of sunlight. Once that is done, in a few days you will have cat oats that your cat will love.

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