White Pekin Ducks

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Date(s) - 05/18/2018
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The ancient people of China, probably more than 1000 years ago, were among the first to domesticate Mallard ducks form which they developed ducks as a source of food and White Pekins were one of the breeds produced. Ducklings hatched in Peking, now known as Bejing, were exported to New York in 1873. The newly formed American Poultry Association, in 1874, admitted White Pekins, which is the only variety of Pekins, to the Standard as a member of the Heavy Weight Duck Class. They immediately became popular as a market duck because of a combination of traits including hardiness, good fertility, excellent hatch-ability, calm temperament, large size, superior growth rate, excellent feed conversion, yellow skin and white plumage.

Duckling Description

The head, neck, and back of Pekin Ducklings are dark yellow and the breast, abdomen and tips of wings are light yellow. The bill,  legs and webfeet are yellow.

Adult Description

All of the plumage of White Pekins is creamy white. The skull is moderately broad and the head is oval with a prominent crown. The deep leaden blue eyes are large and deep set. The orange-yellow bill is of medium length, straight and joins the skull at a definite angle. The neck is moderately long, thick and has a well-pronounced forward arch. The back is long, broad and straight. The tail is well spread and rather erect and the sex feathers of the drake are hard and well curved. The wings are short and carried closely and smoothly against the sides. The breast is deep, round and prominent while the body is long, broad and deep but does not have a keel. The carriage of the degrees above horizontal from the base of the tail to the shoulders. The lower thighs are medium in length and strong. The shanks and webfeet are reddish-orange.

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