Naked Necks

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Date(s) - 10/12/2018
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The history of the Naked Necks dates back to the distant and obscure past. It is believed that they originated in Eastern Hungary with concentrated breeding taking place in Germany. The first examples were seen in Britain about 1880 and are known as Transylvanian Naked Necks in the British Standards. Black, Buff, Red and White Naked Necks were admitted to the American Standard in 1965 as members of the Miscellaneous Standard Breed class. Since the gene responsible for the production of naked necks is a dominant gene, when Naked Necks, pure for the naked neck gene, are mated to non-naked necks, the first generation all have naked necks. These heterozygous offspring, however, do not breed true for the naked neck characteristic. Naked Necks are excellent layers of brown eggs, good hustlers and can be bred for production of a large volume of fowl meat. Because they have only half the number of body feathers, they are easy to process for fowl meat, and the varieties with light plumage color yield an eye-appealing carcass when processed following their use as layers.

Adult Description

The general body shape of Naked Necks is similar to that of Rhode Island Reds with a long back that is carried horizontally. The comb is a medium size single comb with five evenly serrated points. The comb of the male is straight and upright. The Standard does not require that the female’s comb must be upright.

Chick Description

Commercial hatchery’s Naked Neck chicks are multicolored although they can be bred for specific colors, but all are characterized by an absence of feathers or down on the neck. All have single combs and clean, yellow legs and feet.

Other Facts

It is a misnomer that Naked Necks are a turkey by chicken cross. This is a breed of chickens. In order to qualify for exhibition shows, they must be selected for a given color and bred for that color. Naked Necks have only half of the body feathers of a regular chicken of the same size. They are, as a result, very heat resistant and are an excellent choice for areas of extremely high temperature.

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