Barred Rocks

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Date(s) - 10/12/2018
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Plymouth Rocks are one of the most popular brown egg breeds and the barred variety is the most popular variety of Plymouth Rocks. This variety originated from a cross between a Dominique male and either Black Java or Black Cochin females made at Putnam, Connecticut. Part of the confusion may have been because in the 1870’s, “Black Cochin” and “Black Java” were used synonymously in show classification. Barred Plymouth Rocks were first exhibited in 1869, and the variety was admitted to the first American Standard of Excellence published at Buffalo, New York, January 15, 1874. Barred Rocks, as they are often called, are known as a dual-purpose breed but today are used primarily for the production of large brown eggs. Adult hens are large enough so that they can be salvaged for meat when their use as laying hens is over.

Adult Description

All of the feathers are barred, black and white, which results in uniformity of color throughout. Barring is a sex-linked characteristic, which makes the females much darker than the males because they have twice the amount of black per bar. The body is rather long, broad and deep. The back is long and broad throughout the entire length with a slight concave sweep to the tail. The breast is broad, well rounded and moderately deep. The comb is a medium size, single comb, evenly serrated having five well-defined points that is straight upright. The beak, feet and legs are yellow.

Chick Description

The chicks are black with a white spot on top of the head. The wing tips and abdomen are white and they have single or serrated combs. The beak, feet, and legs are yellow with some black. They have clean legs and feet.

Other Facts

Many times, Barred Plymouth Rocks are incorrectly called “Dominiquers”. Both Barred Rocks and Dominiques have barred, black and white plumage, but Barred Rocks have single combs while Dominiques have rose combs. They body style of Barred Rocks is not as angular as the body style of Dominiques.

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