Black Australorps

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Date(s) - 05/18/2018
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The name Black Australorps is an abbreviation for Australian Black Orpingtons, which is appropriate sine they were developed in Austrailia from Black Orpingtons. Most of the emphasis in selection was for egg production. This breed is one of the most prolific egg producers of brown eggs and is know for persistence of lay or laying at a high rate for a long period of time. Black Australorps were admitted to the English Class of the Standard of Perfection in 1929. Black Australorps are known for their ability to continue to produce eggs very efficiently even when the weather is very hot. Hen mature size is large enough that they can be used for meat following their use as laying hens.

Chick Description

The chicks are primarily black with white wing tips, chest and abdomen. They have single, serrated combs. The legs and feet do not have feathers and are white with some black. They are difficult to distinguish from Black Giant chicks, however, the pads of the feet of Australorps are pinkish-white and those of Giants are yellow.

Adult Description

The green sheen of this solid black plumage bird presents a truly beautiful sight, particularly when the sun is reflecting off the plumage. The eyes of Black Australorps are brown and the beak is black. Comb, face, wattles and ear lobes are bright red. The comb of both males and females are straight, medium in size and is evenly serrated with five distinct points. The back is moderately long, broad its entire length, slightly sloping downward from shoulders to center of back, then rising in a gradually increasing concave sweep of the tail. The breast is moderately deep, well rounded and carried well forward. The shanks are black in young birds and slate in older birds. The bottoms of feet and toes are pinkish white.

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