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Date(s) - 09/28/2018
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Ameraucanas were developed in the United States in the 1970’s. They were bred using Araucana stocks brought to the U.S. in the 1930’s from South America where the Indians of the Arauca providence of northern Chile had domesticated them. Ameraucanas were developed as a breed to produce green and blue eggs without having the disadvantages associated with breeding Araucanas. From the divers genetic pool, Ameraucana breeders have developed a breed which breeds true for many distinctive traits. The following varieties were admitted to the Standard in 1984: Black, Blue, Blue Wheaton, Brown Red, Buff, Silver, Wheaton, and White. To show them in exhibition shows, they must be selected and bred for the color varieties that have been admitted to the Standard. They are excellent egg producers and large enough to be used for fowl meat when their use as layers is over.

Adult Description

Commercial hatchery’s Ameraucanas have not been selected for specific colors. The back is of medium length, broad, carried slightly elevated at the shoulders. The tail is well-spread, medium length, carried at 40 to 45 degrees above horizontal. They have pea combs with muffs and a beard that is full, well-rounded, medium length, forming three distinct lobes.

Chick Description

Chicks are multicolored with pea combs, beards and muffs. They have clean, light black or gray legs and feet.

Other Facts

The health food industry has promoted Araucana and Ameraucana eggs a having little or no cholesterol. This has proven to be false. The gene for blue and green eggs is dominant to both brown and white egg genes. Therefore, the first generation crosses between purebred Ameraucanas, homozygous for blue and green eggs, and white or brown egg birds will produce blue and green eggs. When crossed with white egg breeds, there will be a larger percentage of green eggs. These crossbred birds will not breed true for shell color. Araucanas are characterized by having ear-tufts and by not having a tail-head. Ameraucanas have beards, muffs and tail head and do not have tfuts.

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