Chickens are here!! no babies... I know I'm sorry

Standard Feed & Seed is happy to offer our community egg laying hens! Unfortunately we will not be receiving our first order of baby chicks until February 2nd.. don’t care for the needy chicks? We have the answer! Our hens are raised on feed…

Cats Love Sweet Oats How to grow cat oats, Step By Step

Cat Oats

Cat oats are great if you have a cat. It is a natural fur ball preventative and cats really love them. First you need to head over to Standard Feed and pick up one or more package of oats for cats. Additional items that…

Frank Wallmeyer Owner

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Frank is the owner of Standard Feed. He has years of expertise in gardening…

Ashley Pass Store Manager

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Ashley has been at Standard Feed for 2 years and can answer all your questions about chickens and pet food.